From Chef Steve -

“Hi Everybody! I’ve been very busy doing Farmers’ Markets in Chelmsford (Thursdays) and Woburn (Sundays) as well as special occasion parties in Greater Newburyport and Southern New Hampshire. Additionally, I’ve been providing weekly meals for clients with special nutritional needs in Boston, Lynn and Amesbury. I’ve met wonderful people who have enriched my life as I have sustained them with delicious, individualized food.

Remember to give a gift of “Got Thyme” to friends and family who may be having a new baby (twins!?) or may be elderly and unable to shop and cook to eat nutritiously. Or you may welcome healthy delivered meals each week to make your life a little easier as you get back to your very hectic post summer schedule.

Contact me if you have any questions!”    Chef Steve

I'm Stephen Deffley, personal chef and culinary coach. I prepare beautiful, healthy cuisine for dinner parties, intimate gatherings and for busy people who just don't have time to cook.

I'm thrilled to share my passion with you here and I hope you enjoy the tips, recipes and insight I have to share.