Scheduled Meal Preparation

Intimate Dinner Parties,
Gatherings and Special Occasions

Culinary Coaching Sessions

“My name is Stephen Deffley and I believe that food is life…and life should be easy, healthy and tasty! But preparing beautiful food can be time consuming and in today’s busy world, who has time to plan and prepare? Well, as I always say, “If you don’t got thyme, I do!”

Whether you are planning meals for your loved ones throughout the week or throwing an intimate dinner party for friends, I can customize, shop for and prepare cuisine that is both healthy and full of flavor. Your meal can even be paired with the perfect wine if you desire! Created with passion and served with pride, my dishes are sure to impress your guests or your family. And best of all, when you’re finished eating, your kitchen will have been left clean so your precious time will be spent with the ones you love rather than with soapy water and rubber gloves.

Please click here to take a peek at my accomplishments. You’ll see that I’ve had a long career, collaborated with innovative chefs and cooked in renowned restaurants. All of this experience can be brought to your home whenever you wish!

I look forward to meeting you and preparing beautiful food for you and the people you care about.”